Winner of 2015 Writing Bursary

The winner of the 2015 bursary was Kirsty Strickland from Cambuslang, Lanarkshire. The applications for the bursary were really competitive and of very high quality but Kirsty’s really stood out. She came across as being impassioned and someone who would really take advantage of this brilliant opportunity.

In addition to being a talented writer, Kirsty is a campaigner for women’s rights, a feminist and the mother of an 18-month-old daughter. She is studying Social Care from home while she blogs about politics and injustice.

Kirsty is playing a key role in helping us to continue to grow the profile of the Write to End Violence Against Women Awards and develop a year-round supporting campaign, raising the awareness of news consumers as well as journalists and empowering them to take action.

You can read all of Kirsty’s pieces for The National below. You can find out what Kirsty’s up to and read more of her (excellent) writing by following her @KirstyStricklan

12 March 2016 — Bursary winner, Kirsty Strickland: No room for sexism in media portrayals of our politicians

9 January 2016 — Bursary winner, Kirsty Strickland: Violence against women is not just a matter of drink

4 December 2015 — Bursary winner, Kirsty Strickland: Fear of violence should not be an accepted part of being female

28 October 2015 — Bursary winner, Kirsty Strickland: High time a female politician’s opinions were more important than her ovaries and hairstyle

2 October 2015 — Bursary winner, Kirsty Strickland: Tabloid leering at violent crime is leading a race to  bottom

31 August 2015 — Bursary winner, Kirsty Strickland: Media matters when it comes to tackling violence against women

29 August 2015 — Award-winning blogger joins The National