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Libby Brooks wins award for ‘Best article – news’

Over the next week we will be publishing information about all of our Write to End Violence Against Women award winners. You can find the full list here or read Annie McLaughlin’s article for the Sunday Herald here.

Libby Brooks reported on Nottinghamshire police force’s pioneering policy to recognise misogyny as a hate crime and a call by Maria Miller, women and equalities committee chair, for the approach to be adopted nationwide.

In her winning article, Libby wrote of responses some women have received when reporting street harassment. Read the full article ‘Sexist hate crimes given second-class status, says senior Tory MP’ on the Guardian.

 “One Londoner described how a 999 call handler insisted that she return to the road where a man had followed her, threatening to rape and murder her, to confirm the spelling of the street name.

Another respondent from the east Midlands, after reporting that a man had followed her from a train station when she was eight and a half months pregnant, then grabbed and squeezed her bottom “so aggressively that I could feel his fingers dig in between my buttocks”, was asked by an officer: “Are you sure he didn’t do it by accident?” A student who managed to run away from a man who had grabbed her and told her “I’m going to rape you” was advised by police to get a taxi in future when returning home late at night.”

The awards panel commended the “good use of statistics and first hand experiences…to sell a compelling case for why we need misogynistic acts recognised as hate crime.”

Libby Brooks said of her win: “I think that the media is gradually becoming more aware of its responsibilities in terms of reporting of violence against women, but some outlets in particular have a long way to go. It’s easy to feel fairly powerless in the face of huge media organisations but groups like Zero Tolerance and Women 50:50 have been great at galvanising women to call out bad practice where they find it.”


Photo credit: Vaida V. Nairn


Winners of the 2016 Write Awards

A huge thank you to all of you who attended the 2016 Write Awards last night. We were thrilled to see such a packed event with so many people passionate about good media representation about violence against women. Our fantastic compere Talat Yaqoob held the evening together, reminding us that while the Write Awards may only be an annual event, we can hold our media accountable all  year round. We would like to give thanks to our speaker Cabinet Secretary Angela Constance and our MSP sponsor Christina McKelvie; it is wonderful to have MSPs who are actively and vocally challenging the narrative that says violence against women is ever acceptable and we are glad to have their support. Huge thanks as well to our wonderful panel of judges and of course all the writers who entered this year’s competition.

We’ll be posting more about the awards in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out – for now please enjoy the winners of this year’s awards.

Winner of Best Article – News 

Libby Brooks, The Guardian

‘Sexist hate crimes given second-class status, says senior Tory MP’

Winner of Best Article – Comment & Feature

 Vicky Allan, The Herald

India – in the land where women are deemed worthless

Best Blog

 Claire Heuchan, Sister Outrider

‘Self-Care or Speaking Out? A Black Feminist Dilemma’

Best article – Student and Young Person

 Lucy Miller, Glasgow Guardian

‘Whose streets? Our streets!’ – How Glasgow reclaimed the night

Gender Equality Awards 2016: Women And Migration

 Ferret journalists; Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Lyra McKee, Karin Goodwin, The Ferret

Domestic violence: ‘Home Office must act to save lives’

Wooden Spoon

Rather than award “worst article” or wooden spoon to a particular article, the organisers have decided to award this year’s Wooden Spoon to a theme. This recognises the shortcomings of representation as a whole, rather than singling out one individual journalist.

This year, the Wooden Spoon was awarded to the them of ‘invisible women’. Namely, the media’s tendency to neglect to mention the woman in cases of a family killing and instead focus the majority of coverage on the perpetrator. This theme was motivated by two instances of women being killed by their partner; Claire Hart in Spalding, England and Clodagh Hawe in County Cavan, Ireland. In both instances the husband killed their wife, children and then themselves.

The Wooden Spoon award was presented by Kirsty Strickland and we will be publishing a transcript of her presentation before Christmas.

You can take a look at a Storify with all the tweets from the evening: View the story “Write to End Violence Against Women Awards 2016” on Storify

2016 Write Awards

On Tuesday 6th December we will celebrate the winners of this year’s Write to End Violence Against Women Awards.

We are delighted to welcome Cabinet Secretary Angela Constance who will be introducing the event, and Talat Yaqoob, co-founder of Women 50:50 who will be compering. We are also incredibly grateful to Christina McKelvie MSP for sponsoring the awards.

We look forward to welcoming our shortlisted writers, our 2016 panel of judges, our steering group, journalists, MSPs and members of the women’s sector.

Read the shortlisted articles here

Find out more about our 2016 panel of judges

Find out about our steering group and media partnership with the Sunday Herald

For those of you not able to attend on the 6th, we will be tweeting about the event with the hashtag #WritetoEndVAW so please follow along! @WritetoEndVAW

 2016 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

The Garden Lobby, Scottish Parliament 2016

18:00 – 20:00

Advised arrival time: 17:30

Ceremony opens: 18:20

Drinks and canapes provided on reception

Zero Tolerance is supported in the running of the Write Awards by NUJ Scotland, White Ribbon Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid, Engender, Everyday Victim Blaming, Women 50:50, Rape Crisis Scotland, Women for Independence and the Scottish Refugee Council and media partner, The Sunday Herald newspaper

Shortlist Announced for the 2016 Awards

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2016 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards.

This year we received a wonderful range of submissions across all the categories. These were anonymised and reviewed by a panel to form the shortlist below.

We look forward to welcoming all the shortlisted authors to the awards ceremony on Tuesday 6th December, where the winners will be announced.

Best Article – News

Sexist hate crimes given second-class status, says senior Tory MP
Libby Brooks

Alleged rape victims not being told they can challenge moves to reveal medical history in court
Victoria Weldon

Revealed: Less than half of doctors qualified to examine sex attack victims female
Marcello Mega

Revealed: catalogue of sexual assault and misogyny in Scottish classrooms
Karin Goodwin

Women facing ‘impossible’ tribunal fees barrier to challenge workplace harassment
Judith Duffy

Best Article – Comment and Feature 

Sexual predators get too big for their boots
Dani Garavelli

A horrifying moment of audience interaction showed why we need feminist stand-ups like Zoe Coombs Marr
Vonny Moyes

India – in the land where women are deemed worthless
Vicky Allan

When I saw pictures of that lonely figure surrounded by armed men and onlookers doing no more than watching, I glimpsed my own future
Angela Haggerty

Understanding coercive control and domestic abuse
Anni Donaldson

Best Blog

Why did my rapist’s lawyer reveal my medical records?
Sarah Scott

Indebted Women
Erin Slaven

Lads Lads Lads: Sexual Violence and University
Ailish Carroll-Brentnall

A Women’s Aid group contributes a poem of strength and support
Nellie, Fiona, Priscilla, Sharon, Polly, Elaine, Brenda, Penny and Marian, User Group at Women’s Aid East and Midlothian

Self-Care or Speaking Out? A Black Feminist Dilemma
Claire Heuchan

Best Article – Student & Young Person

Disruptions: Surviving Sexual Assault
Ellen McAskill

Inappropriate: the politics of language in reporting on serious crime and sexual violence
Simon Fern

Extent of sexism revealed at Glasgow University
Alastair Thomas

‘Whose streets? Our streets!’ – How Glasgow reclaimed the night
Lucy Miller

Blog post inflames debate on sexual consent workshops
Amanda Ho

‘Sex On Trial’ reveals the true extent of our consent crisis’
Beth Sexton

Gender Equality Award 2016: Women and Migration

‘Hell on Earth’: Surviving in a Women-Only Detention Center
Aimee Stanton

On Being A Woman
Archana Goyal Vaid

Syrian refugee reveals her lost childhood in harrowing journey to find Scottish haven
Lauren Crooks

A Glasgow Girl’s Fight for Kurdish Independence
Jill Stevens

Home office must act to save lives
Ferret Journalists

Wooden Spoon

This year’s wooden spoon award will be announced at the ceremony.

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