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We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2017 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards.

This year we received a wonderful range of submissions across all the categories. These were reviewed by a panel to form the shortlist below. To read more about what we were looking for when we reviews submissions, read Handle with Care, our guide for journalists.

We look forward to welcoming all the shortlisted authors to the awards ceremony on Thursday 7th December, where the winners will be announced.

Best Article – News

Island rape victims forced to endure second hell due to lack of local forensic facilities
Annie Brown

“Years of my life stolen because of abuse” Woman speaks of abuse hell
Sandra Dick

Hundreds of sex trafficking victims found and helped in Glasgow as numbers rise
Hannah Rodger

Pioneering Violence Against Women project backed by mother of student victim
Caitlin Logan

US ditches controversial rape clause and family cap welfare policies
Judith Duffy

Best Article – Feature 

Paul Nuttall’s burqa ban seems to forget that the public are more at risk from white men than Muslim women
Kirsty Strickland

Why sex for rent is not a deal like any other
Vonny Leclerc

“Bring me my scooter so I can leave you” (This article was published in PosAbility magazine)
Niki Tennant 

Domestic abuse: This article will upset you but it is vital that you read it
Vicky Allan

Rape: the victims’ stories (This is a four part series – read here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
Hannah Rodger

Best Blog/Comment

News Blackout – Why Aren’t Black British Women Treated Fairly In the Media?
Layla-Roxane Hill

Inside Outside 

Why the dialogue on street harassment needs to remain open
Lindsay Linning

“Just Ignore It”
Talat Yaqoob

A week of male violence
Kirsty Strickland

Best Article – Student & Young Person

Philip Davies fails us as an MP by ignoring complex power structures
Clea Skopeliti

Domestic abuse is happening at university. So why don’t we talk about it?
Polly Smythe and Niamh Anderson

Inside the hospitality industry: a culture of harassment
Richard Joseph with Meilan Solly and Jonathon Skavroneck

Ched Evans’ aquittal shows lack of progress in social response to rape
Rachel Joint

Gender Equality Award 2017: Creative Writing

You can read all creative writing pieces in our booklet 

The Woman I do not Know (page 60 – 62)
Lorna Hill

3 poems (page 63 – 65)
Erin Kelly

Sarcasm against the patriarchy (page 66)
Caitriona Large

Consequence (page 67 – 72)
Charlotte Platt 

3 poems (page 73 – 75)
Anila Mirza

Wooden Spoon

This year’s wooden spoon award will be announced at the ceremony.


Today’s #WritetoEndVAW Press Release — Help Spread the word!

PandaShareFinalA group of women’s charities, the National Union of Journalists Scotland and media partner, The National Newspaper are encouraging the public to get involved with the 2015 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards and campaign.

The public are invited to submit good (and bad) writing for consideration through the website. The winners will be announced in December at the Scottish Parliament.

The media has a vital role in challenging a culture which supports violence. Journalists, editors and other media professionals have the choice aid public understanding of violence against women, or to fall back on stereotypes and sensationalism.

Many journalists, bloggers and student writers produce high quality work which confronts violence and gender inequality. Their hard work deserves to be recognised, and there are several categories to award different types of writing.

Unfortunately, irresponsible writing about Violence Against Women is still too often a feature of media reporting. Therefore the awards include a Worst Article, or ‘Wooden Spoon’ category. Last year’s Wooden Spoon “winning” article contains this ‘advice’ to women who are concerned about sexual harassment and assault:

“Don’t dress like a prostitute, or be too drunk to know what you are doing, but beyond that, live your lives. Stop being victims.” – Liz Jones, Daily Mail


This year’s public campaign builds on the success of the awards themselves, which is now in its third year. As
the awards fall between two elections that prominently feature women – with some disappointing press coverage at times – this year’s ‘Gender Equality Award’ is themed around Political Reporting and is sponsored by Women 50:50.

Writer, Journalist and Violence Against Women Researcher Anni Donaldson won the inaugural “Best Article” Award. She says this about the importance of good media reporting:

“A great deal of reporting remains voyeuristic and exploitative with victims and survivors’ voices screaming to be heard above the clamour often focussed on the male perpetrators and public sympathy for them. Recent critiques of coverage of the trial of Reeva Steenkamp’s killer and the Ched Evans rape case show what we are still up against. Similarly, revelations of high profile celebrity child sexual abuse predators, the systematic and almost industrial scale sexual exploitation of children and young people by large numbers of men in Rotherham, Oxford and Rochdale all require our continued vigilance in challenging inadequate reporting, biased journalism and in promoting an ethical alternative.”

Awards organisers are also delighted to announce that there is a bursary opportunity for an aspiring writer to play a key role in helping to continue to grow the profile of the Awards campaign, while raising the awareness of news consumers as well as journalists and empowering them to take action. For more information, visit the website.


Notes for Editor

  1. Award organiser Clare McKeown of Zero Tolerance is available for comment at 0131 248 2405 on the 18 of June. From the 19th of June until the 26th of June, please contact Alys Mumford at Engender 0131 558 9596
  2. Zero Tolerance, supported by Engender, White Ribbon Scotland, Everyday Victim Blaming, Women 50:50, NUJ Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland are hosting this year’s Write to End Violence Against Women Awards and campaign. The National Newspaper is the media partner. ; ; ; ; ; ; ;;
  3. There are several categories of award: Best Print Journalism Article – news; Best Print Journalism Article – comment & features; Best Student Article; Best Blog; Worst Article; the Women 50:50 Gender Equality in Political Reporting
  4. Social Media: #WritetoEndVAW, Twitter: @WritetoEndVAW Facebook:
  5. The Zero Tolerance ‘Handle With Care Guide‘ offers advice on various issues from interviewing survivors to providing relevant context and ensuring that violence is neither trivialised nor sensationalised. It available online at or can be requested in hard copy by emailing

A pdf copy of this press release is available from our Press & Media page.